WAPCELL is a franchise of Kwikweb and we, Nela, Tony and Dylan Williams, have been operating the franchise for over 4 years and have many satisfied clients.

We enjoy dealing with clients that would like to create their own website or move their existing website to Kwikweb. We go to your premises (home or office) and help you to get started; once we do the initial set-up, a demo site to start with, you can immediately start learning all that the software has to offer. If you are happy, we then proceed to make the website an active one, by creating your own or assisting with the transfer of your own domain. It is that EASY!

As a business we also have Website Design Consultants and we are always on the lookout for people that would like to be self-employed and would like to join our growing family.

As an added service we also offer graphic design. Dylan can assist you to create your own corporate identity or design a logo or adapt your existing logo to fit your chosen layout. These services are priced separately.

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